Construction Management

Partners in Managing Every Step, Every Detail


Managing a major construction project is a complex undertaking.

From procuring materials to overseeing contractors and subcontractors to securing permits, the maze of details and logistics can quickly unravel timelines and budgets.


What Is Construction Management?

Construction management (CM) is a comprehensive project delivery approach. Your construction development manager serves as an extension of your internal team from initial concept through project completion. Unlike a general contractor, the CM serves your interests exclusively.


When you partner with ESG, you’ll have a team of experienced project managers, construction professionals, licensed engineers, and procurement and accounting specialists all dedicated to you. We take pride in delivering full-service, turnkey construction management services, including assessment, design, engineering, construction, monitoring, operations, maintenance, commissioning, turnover, training, and financing.

Full-Service Risk Reduction

No time to manage a construction project? No problem. ESG provides construction management services under an “at-risk” model, assuming responsibility for budget, schedule, and performance outcomes. That means less risk for you, less strain on your budget, and fewer demands on your time.


Single Point of Accountability

ESG assumes the role of overseeing the project lifecycle, which establishes clear responsibility from start to finish.


Guaranteed on Time, on Budget Delivery

We assume all schedule and budget risk through airtight project controls and strict processes.


Proactive Risk Mitigation

Getting involved early allows us to identify risks upfront and work with the designer to prevent issues before they occur.


Prevent Costly Changes

Bringing construction and design to the table at the same time saves time and money down the line with fewer to no change orders.


Rigorous Quality Assurance

We enforce standards and provide extensive testing to ensure construction meets specifications for performance and longevity.


Seamless Project Coordination

Our experience and collaborative culture connect all teams, systems, and processes seamlessly.


Client-Focused Partnership

Your goals and vision drive every decision, with ESG as a trusted partner focused on your success.


Your Easy

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Better Experience

Our construction teams are composed of subject matter experts in their respective markets.

Our team comes on board equipped with knowledge of your unique operating and code requirements, requiring less spin-up time to get your project off the ground.

We have experience working in tight quarters and in occupied facilities and with managing sizeable installations around sensitive operations. You’ll have a thoroughly documented plan for working safely in your facilities with no interruption to your operations.


In short, we count your overall experience as a measure of success. That’s why you can expect a streamlined, organized, hassle-free experience with ESG.

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the size of your project, we’ll

have the right people on it.

Our process is designed to adapt to unique circumstances, while thorough enough to ensure the best project outcomes.

While we can’t guarantee there won’t be surprises, we can promise there will be no finger pointing. When questions arise, our team will come prepared with answers—and we’ll work through every solution, together.


Let’s Get Started Building the Future

Partner with a team that understands every facet of what’s at stake. We’ll serve as your guide and advocate, providing expert advice along the way. You might even discover that the process can be fun when you have an Easy Button at your side.