Electrification Solutions

Energize Your Net-Zero Journey

The clean energy future is now!

Embrace electrification strategies that improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and power your net-zero goals.

Plug In to a More Electric Future

Electrification can add a significant jolt to your sustainability plan. It’s also a plus for your bottom line. The dollars you save through enhanced energy efficiency can be channeled toward other high-priority projects. ESG can help you navigate options for funding your electrification initiatives through energy savings performance contracts, utility energy services contracts, and other strategies.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Shrink your carbon footprint by pairing electrified technologies with renewable energy and low-carbon energy sources.


Generate Greater Energy Savings

Get more bang for your utility budget with best-in-class equipment that operates more efficiently than their gas-powered counterparts.


Improve Air Quality

Reduce the pollutants released into the air by relying on electrified technologies like EVs with lower net carbon emissions.


What Is Electrification?

Electrification is a movement to shift technologies that run on fossil fuels to electric power. Electric vehicles (EV) receive the lion’s share of attention when it comes to electrification. But other promising—and cost-effective—electrification solutions include heat pumps for building heating and cooling and heat pump water heaters.


Most experts agree that electrification of end-use technologies is key to a net-zero energy future. Whether electrification is part of your decarbonization journey or you just want to be ready for what comes next, ESG can light the way. We offer extensive experience with delivering comprehensive projects that integrate electrification and energy-efficient technologies to reduce carbon emissions and drive sustainability goals.

Partnering with a company that offers a proven track record is key to a successful project. With ESG, you won’t be left in the dark because we’re focused on the right priorities: yours. Your project will be designed to your goals and measured against your definition of success.

Grounded by Your Priorities

As an industry leader in energy, infrastructure, resiliency, and sustainability solutions, we bring a holistic perspective to every engagement. You’ll have a team of energy engineers at your side providing expert guidance on the best, most cost-effective strategies to electrify your operations, reduce your emissions, lower your utility bills, and strengthen power quality and reliability across your enterprise.


Worried you don’t have time to manage another capital improvement project? Our turnkey approach provides you with end-to-end support from design through commissioning and beyond. We can even help you navigate financing and track rebates and tax incentives. We’re the Easy Button you’ve been looking for—delivering on what we promise with less risk, less hassle, and guaranteed results. Together, we’ll design and build solutions that close the circuit on what you want to accomplish.


Let’s Flip the Switch on What’s Possible

We see you, doing your best to hold together systems that are well past their end of life.

Our Electrification Solutions

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Free Up Capital for Higher Priorities


With ESG, you can upgrade and electrify aging infrastructure to take advantage of greater energy efficiency and cost savings.