Renewable Natural Gas

Turning Waste into Clean Energy

The growing need for renewable natural gas (RNG) is creating more demand for the biogas produced by wastewater treatment plants.

ESG knows how to turn your wastewater treatment facilities and the biogas they produce into a revenue-generating pipeline for your community.

Benefits of Renewable
Natural Gas

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Renewable Energy

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What Is RNG?

Introducing high strength organic waste (HSOW) into your system increases biogas production, which could be converted into RNG. Most treatment plants have excess capacity that could be harnessed to take advantage of the emerging RNG market.


But—and this is big—taking advantage of emerging markets requires more than just a promise of new earnings. You also need a partner you can trust—a partner like ESG.

Generate Sustainable Energy with Commercialized Assets

Our team of experts will work alongside you to determine if there is value in your biogas. If there is, we can help you monetize your excess capacity with existing or newly built assets.


Solutions that Work from a

Partner You Can Trust

You can expect solutions that are data-driven, practical, and designed to work in the real world.

The result? Your depreciating asset will be repositioned as a source of value—whether it’s access to the RNG market, onsite electricity production, or something in between.

Achieve Your Economic, Environmental, and Social Goals

It’s no secret that wastewater treatment plants are viewed as depreciating assets. But your wastewater plant might just be a source of untapped revenue. For wastewater plants that are properly positioned, selling RNG can deliver benefits well beyond positive press. Let ESG help your team to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure to reposition your plant for commercialization.


Generate New Revenue Streams

Create new revenue outside the ratepayer base with tip fee revenue for accepting HSOW and by converting biogas into RNG.


Support Renewable Energy Initiatives

Expand your ability to meet climate friendly and sustainability goals.


Free Up Capital for Other Priorities

Direct new revenue dollars toward upgrading and replacing aging and inefficient infrastructure without increasing rates.

All biogas has theoretical value. But that doesn’t always translate into actual value in the market.

That’s why we start with a thorough assessment of your infrastructure, capacity, and local markets before creating solutions with you. As your trusted partner, we’ll be honest about whether RNG is a viable option for your utility. If it is, we’ll connect you with local HSOW and RNG commercial markets.


You won’t be left high and dry with vague promises, equipment you don’t need, or systems that never quite work as promised. From market analysis and concepting through design, installation, and start-up, we are invested in your success.


You’ll partner with a team that takes the time to understand what you want to accomplish, your performance criteria, and how you measure success. Your goals will drive the scope of your project. Your solutions will be unique to your utility because they will be built alongside your team to your specifications.


Whenever feasible, we will combine existing and new infrastructure with technology and process changes to reduce capital costs. To optimize system performance, we’ll work with your team to stand it up and walk alongside them every step of the way until they are ready to run with it.

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Get More from Your Infrastructure


Don’t bet the future on too-good-to-be true promises. Partner with a team that will provide an honest assessment of your options and guidance on how to best invest in infrastructure and energy systems for the future. Contact us today to start planning for tomorrow.