Biomass Energy

Convert Waste into Revenue

There’s more to biomass than meets the eye.

Under the right conditions, wastewater treatment plants with codigestion capabilities can turn biomass into sustainable energy, creating revenue-generating opportunities. ESG can help you reposition your assets to capture potential value that would otherwise go to waste.

Benefits of Biomass Energy


Energy Savings


Revenue Generator

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What Is Biomass?

Biomass is organic matter, such as agricultural crop waste, high-strength organic waste (HSOW), and municipal/organic waste.  Using technology, biomass can be converted into biogas to generate heat or create electricity to power onsite operations. It can also be converted into renewable natural gas (RNG) and sold on the market. For wastewater treatment plants struggling with tight budgets and aging infrastructure, certain biomass substrates can fuel critical infrastructure upgrades.


Sound unbelievable? It’s not. Some wastewater treatment plants with codigestion capabilities are uniquely positioned to extract value from biomass. It just requires the right mindset, the right conditions, and the right partner to help you take advantage of market needs.


At ESG, we have specialized expertise connecting our clients’ assets to markets that provide revenue outside their typical rate base.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep.

We have helped clients like you across the U.S. monetize excess capacity and create additional value to fund critical infrastructure upgrades.

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Practical Solutions,

Grounded in the Facts

Our solutions are based on real data and field-proven experience, not theory and textbook thinking.

With ESG, you’ll partner with a team that embraces a commercial mindset. Together, we’ll determine if your surrounding market can support the long-term financial viability of your project.

Make the Most of Waste to Energy Benefits

Biomass isn’t just a source of renewable energy. By augmenting your systems and processes to accept more HSOW, you could reposition your

entire operation to extract more value from your assets.


Reduce Operational Costs

Produce onsite heat and electricity to offset purchased energy and shrink your utility bills.


Support Sustainability Goals

Scale back on fossil fuels to further your decarbonization goals.


Establish New Revenue Streams

Create potential new revenue opportunities, including HSOW tip fees, power generation, Class A biosolids, and RNG production.

You’ll receive an honest assessment of your current capabilities, potential opportunities, and challenges to achieve them.

If all factors are favorable to success, we’ll work alongside your team to design, engineer, and install a solution tailored to your needs and objectives. Our experienced energy and sustainable infrastructure experts will serve as an extension of your team. You’ll know at every step what our recommendations mean to your current and future operations, how we intend to build your project and when, how we’ll turn it on, and how we’ll train your staff. More than just consulting services, we actually collaborate with your team to stand up the new system and walk by your side until you’re ready to run with it.


Your goals and definition of success will drive the project. We’re there by your side to see it through from beginning to end.

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Explore More Options with a Trusted Advocate


Interested in pulling more value out of your assets, but not sure where to start? No worries. That’s what our renewable energy consultants and sustainable infrastructure experts are here for. We are passionate about digging into the details and uncovering new opportunities to help you save money and make money. Contact us to start exploring new possibilities.