Making the Move to Energy Efficient Lighting

It’s well established that
LED lighting is the future.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a majority of lighting installations in the United States will use LEDs by 2035.


But are incandescent and fluorescent bulbs really all that bad? The proof can be found in your utility bill.

Benefits of LED Lighting

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Energy Efficient


Energy Savings

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Enhance Learning and Working Environments

LED lighting uses up to 75 percent less energy than conventional lighting. In addition, LED bulbs last longer and reduce long-term maintenance costs. In light of these facts, making the switch to LEDs is more than just a good idea: It’s crucial to your bottom line.


With an LED lighting retrofit, you can reclaim those dollars and channel them toward other, higher priority needs.


A lighting retrofit involves modernizing your lighting with a combination of LED lamps and components that fit in your facility’s existing fixtures. The result is measurably better living, learning, and working spaces.

Illuminate Better Outcomes with Innovative Turnkey Solutions

The path to better lighting is bright. And there’s no need to walk it alone when you partner with ESG.


Shedding Light on the Power of LEDs

Upgrading to energy efficient commercial lighting delivers far-reaching benefits that extend well beyond energy savings. And when you partner with ESG, you can do it all with zero out-of-pocket expenditure.


Bring Light Levels Up to Code

Adhering to lighting codes can illuminate potential workplace hazards, reduce injuries, and prevent mistakes.


Improve Lighting Quality

Reduce the risk of health problems, increase safety, and boost productivity with improved lighting quality.


Replace Inefficient and Dangerous Components

Eliminate structural risks resulting from lighting components that are at the end of their life.


Reduce Your Utility and Maintenance Costs

See an immediate reduction in utility bills and a long-term reduction in maintenance costs with LED lighting upgrades.


Eliminate Nighttime Safety Risks

Replace exterior fixtures with LED lighting for improved safety at night.


Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Accelerate your ability to meet decarbonization goals with energy efficient lights that use less energy.

You’ll benefit from a team that brings fresh thinking to every engagement. There’s no prepackaged solutions here. Our energy engineers will work side by side with you to identify your needs and assess your facilities.

Your ESG team will take full responsibility for end-to-end services, including:

  • Lighting audits
  • Scope development
  • Controls design and commissioning
  • Photometric layouts
  • Savings calculations
  • Product vetting and sourcing
  • Measurement and verification
  • Installation and oversight
  • Rebate administration
  • Warranty management

Don’t have time to manage a full-scale retrofit? No worries. Our comprehensive turnkey approach takes the burden off you.


To minimize disruption, installation work will be coordinated around your schedule. You won’t even need to provide on-site supervision during installation—it’s covered. And with our zero change-order policy, you can count on your project being completed on time and on budget.


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Steve Bell mounting first fixture.

Make the Switch to LEDs


From lighting quality to energy savings, LEDs win on every count. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to discuss the best strategy for making the switch without impact to your bottom line.