Engineering Center of Excellence

Bridging the Gap between Theory and

Solutions that Deliver Real Value

Hidden inside your toughest infrastructure challenges are a wealth of opportunities to achieve more for your mission.

When you’re staring down a long list of capital improvement needs, it can be hard to see how to achieve it all. ESG’s Engineering Center of Excellence (ECOE) brings to light innovative strategies to maximize and modernize your value with the lowest cost and risk.

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What Is ESG’s Engineering Center of Excellence?

ESG’s in-house ECOE brings together our full breadth of technical expertise to design advanced energy infrastructure and resilient power solutions. All members of our ECOE are licensed professional engineers; some even hold US patents. All have been sought out for their expertise to speak at conferences and in other educational settings.


By mobilizing the best and brightest across multiple engineering disciplines, we provide you with creative, holistic solutions that extend far beyond off-the-shelf thinking.  You’ll have the benefit of working with a consultative team that delivers innovative solutions firmly grounded in practical applications.

State-of-the-Art Solutions Engineered for You

Imagine what you could achieve with a multidisciplinary team of professional engineers at your side, all of whom are invested in your success. Our ECOE exists to support and guide you through growth and change. By taking a consultative approach, we partner with you to design solutions that will deliver on your specific needs now while establishing the foundation and roadmap to achieve your long range goals.


Bolster Energy Surety and Reliability

Safeguard mission-critical operations with microgrids, energy storage, and other energy resiliency solutions.


Generate Renewable Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint with solar power, biomass, and other sources of sustainable and renewable energy.


Curb Energy Costs

Gain more control over fluctuating energy rates with combined heat and power, central utility plants, and other strategies for generating on-site power.


Tackling Your

Most Complicated

Engineering Challenges

We help you make sense of all the variables so you can achieve your financial, environmental, and power surety goals.

Turn your outdated infrastructure into a catalyst for realizing your goals.

Through our ECOE, you gain industry-specific, experienced resources for energy infrastructure solutions in the areas of advanced controls systems (with cybersecurity as needed), energy storage, microgrids, power generation, renewable energy, and resiliency. By collaborating across disciplines, we can bring more options to the table.

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Local & State Government

Fulton County


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Federal Government

Veterans Integrated Service Network 21

Partner with a team that can bridge the gap between theory and solutions that deliver actual value.

Our focus on introducing leading-edge technologies and solutions, equipment sourcing and procurement methods, and long-term life cycle cost advantages are all designed to create more value for you. We believe so strongly in our solutions that we take on the design and construction risks so you don't have to.

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Together, We Can Engineer a Stronger Foundation for Your Mission

When you’re building for the future, every decision has long-term implications. Let ESG guide you through the process. We will bring all the pieces together so you can stay focused on mission success.