Operations and Maintenance

Maximize Operational Performance

and Your Peace of Mind


You have best-in-class equipment and state-of-the-art systems to power your strategic priorities and mission goals.

But do you have the right resources to properly operate and maintain your infrastructure? You do with an operations and maintenance (O&M) program from ESG. With our infrastructure experts at your side, your equipment and systems will perform as designed and last well into their useful lives.

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What Is O&M?

An operations and maintenance program shifts the burden of operating and maintaining your equipment and systems to a third party. You don’t need to worry about adding and training technical staff to run and maintain your systems. You don’t need to keep track of dusty binders or preventative maintenance spreadsheets. And when something goes down, your team isn’t losing hours—or days—troubleshooting repairs and chasing down replacement parts.


When you partner with ESG, you can fully customize your O&M program to your needs. Since 1994, we have specialized in central utility plants, decentralized utility systems, solar systems, building mechanical and electrical systems, and wastewater collection systems operations and maintenance programs. You can find our team members managing, monitoring, and maintaining energy systems and infrastructure for military installations, on federal government and higher education campuses, in local and state government facilities, and more across the U.S.


Whether operating a single piece of equipment or managing a comprehensive program covering multiple systems and buildings, we’ve got you covered.

Expand Your Maintenance Team without Adding to Your Payroll

From 24/7 remote monitoring to full maintenance and repair service, we offer specialized support to increase the life of your equipment, reduce your total cost of ownership, and—perhaps most important—lower your stress levels.


Enhance Reliability

Lessen the risk of malfunctions and unplanned downtime with proper operation and a documented preventive maintenance program.


Optimize System Performance

Ensure systems are performing as intended and energy efficiency is fully realized.


Mitigate Financial Risk

Extend the life of your equipment and reduce the likelihood of unexpected repair costs and operational interruptions.


Improve Health and Safety

Diminish environmental, health, and safety risks with superior operating procedures, leadership, and management practices.

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Keeping a

Watchful Eye

on Your Systems

By partnering with ESG, you’ll expand your team with experienced and trained leaders, technicians, and trusted subcontractors who specialize in your equipment and systems

You don’t need us to tell you proper O&M is the key to optimal performance and reduced financial risk. But we all know resources can be tight and other priorities can get in the way.

You’ll have access to complete or partial facility management support, including equipment operations; preventive and corrective maintenance; renewals, replacements, and upgrades; long-term recapitalization planning; and procurement of fuels and utility services. We’ll be at your side every step of the way, offering the peace of mind that is made possible by predictable and reliable support.


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We take time to understand

your operations and develop

unique O&M solutions.

With an O&M contract from ESG, you can have confidence that your systems are running as intended and maintained as required.

O&M requirements vary from organization to organization. Gain the fullest advantage for your mission—and your bottom line—by partnering with a team that puts your priorities first.


Get Going with a Team
Who Gets You

Why worry about how you’re going to manage system upgrades or wonder when your HVAC units were last maintained? Have the experts do it for you.