Power Quality

Power Quality You Can Count On

When power quality is mission critical, turn to the energy and infrastructure experts.

ESG can help you clean up grid power with budget friendly power conditioning solutions that deliver continuous, predictable service.

Benefits of Power Quality

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Energy Surety


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What Is Power Quality?

Substandard power can bring you down. Literally.


For many businesses, power blips, surges, and outages are an inconvenience. But for Department of Defense agencies, manufacturers, and other organizations that rely on automated and connected operations, power quality issues can bring operations to a halt. Every fluctuation puts business missions and production at risk. Every voltage surge adds wear and tear on motor drives and equipment. And every long-term power outage threatens mission readiness and, for manufacturers, results in high lost-opportunity cost.


ESG offers proven power conditioning solutions that filter out utility events, flickers, shortages, and outages so you can ensure uptime and mission surety.

There’s no guesswork here.

Our turnkey, design-build approach means you have a single point of contact from start to finish—reducing both risk and complication.

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Power Surety

Tailored to Your Needs

We take the time to understand what you want to achieve and develop solutions that support your operations and goals.

As a recognized leader in energy, infrastructure, resiliency, and sustainability solutions, we take a holistic approach to every project.

Secure Your Operations with Budget-Neutral Solutions

Through energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) and other financing strategies, we can help you overcome the financial barriers to better power quality. By using projected savings from energy upgrades and infrastructure improvements, you can invest in power conditioning solutions. Best of all, there’s no risk to your bottom line—if the savings we guarantee fall short, we make up the difference.


Enhance Production and Performance

Ensure continuous voltage to improve power quality, energy efficiency, and operational uptime.


Reduce Risk of Revenue Loss

Eliminate unplanned downtime, equipment failure, data corruption, and other revenue busters caused by degraded power quality.


Improve Energy Resiliency

Tie into outage mitigation strategies, such as microgrids, to guarantee black start capability and long-term power islanding.

Power quality issues can stem from multiple sources, ranging from utility service and weather to your own equipment and systems. We thoroughly study your operations to pinpoint the source of the problem. Together with your team, we’ll develop a solution, install it, and provide ongoing operations and maintenance if desired. Our energy experts are vendor-neutral and equipment-agnostic. This means your goals—and not a specific manufacturer or brand name—drive every solution we propose and engineer.

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Enjoy Greater Confidence in Your Power Supply


Don’t let poor power quality compromise your mission. Whether you’re protecting U.S. interests, managing complex manufacturing processes, or leading sensitive operations that require precision, we make your needs our priority. Reach out to discuss how we can add greater confidence to your power supply.