Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal Renewable Energy You Can Build On

Tap into a limitless renewable energy source right beneath your feet.

ESG can help you expand your energy options with geothermal solutions that deliver reliable performance while reducing your utility bills.

Benefits of Geothermal


Budget-Neutral Financing


Cost Savings

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Net Zero

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What Is Geothermal Energy?

Searching for an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solution for heating and cooling your facilities? You just might be standing over it.


Geothermal technology harnesses the near-constant temperature below the earth’s surface or large bodies of water to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling power. The technology relies on ground-source heat pumps or lake-plate cooling systems to circulate water through a loop of underground pipes. An extremely efficient form of renewable energy, geothermal systems can reduce utility costs while supporting your sustainability goals.


ESG offers decades of experience partnering with military installations, universities, schools, healthcare systems, commercial organizations, and more to design and install geothermal heating and cooling systems. Whether you need a stand-alone heat pump for a single facility or a networked geothermal system to support your campus, we have the capabilities and expertise to design and deliver a solution tailored to you.

We Are Invested In Your Outcomes

Why keep throwing money at aging and expensive heating and cooling systems when you can invest in a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly strategy?


With ESG, you’ll find a partner

invested in your future.

Together, we’ll determine if geothermal is a suitable solution for your needs.

If it is, we’ll work side by side with your team to design a solution that is responsive to your definition of success.

Shrink Your Costs and Your Carbon Footprint

Advance your operational and sustainable goals with clean energy that will never run out. Through energy savings performance contracting, utility energy service contracts, and other contracting strategies, we can help you upgrade your infrastructure using projected energy savings.


Generate Cost Savings

Reduce both your utility bills and operating and maintenance costs with durable, energy-efficient, and resilient systems.


Support Net-Zero Targets

Reduce your carbon footprint with heating and cooling technology that does not produce any direct greenhouse gas emissions.

We take time to learn about your goals and understand your challenges.

You’ll benefit from a holistic approach to energy management that takes efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability into consideration. You’ll also enjoy end-to-end support, from initial concepting through design, installation, and commissioning. Need someone to manage operations and maintenance? We’ve got it covered. Your ESG team will even help you navigate complex funding decisions and track rebates, geothermal tax credits, and other incentive programs.


Our turnkey, design-build approach streamlines decision-making and eliminates hassle. The result? You have everything you need to modernize your infrastructure with less risk and greater confidence.

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Bring More Energy Management Options to Light


Upgrading end-of-life systems with a limited budget can be a tough hill to climb—unless ESG is walking beside you. Our energy experts and renewable energy consultants specialize in removing obstacles to fund, design, build, maintain, and own energy and infrastructure solutions critical to your mission. Contact us to get started clearing hurdles to your strategic and operational goals.