Distributed Energy Resources

Advance Your Goals with Strategic Energy Capabilities

Support mission-critical systems and processes with greater certainty and less cost.

ESG will partner with you to develop a flexible, scalable distributed energy resource (DER) strategy. We bring the pieces together to generate long-term, sustainable value.

Benefits of Distributed Energy Resources


Budget-Neutral Financing


Cost Savings

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Decarbonization Potential

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Energy Conservation

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Energy Surety

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What Is Distributed Energy Resources?

High energy costs. Patchworked, crumbling infrastructure. Climate goals that are impossible to meet with your current energy system. Whatever challenges you need to solve, DERs empower you to clear multiple hurdles at once.


DERs are energy-generating technologies like solar photovoltaics, wind power, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, fuel cells, emergency generators, and battery energy storage systems. By generating electricity at the point of use rather than purchasing grid electricity from utility power generation plants, DERs give you more control over your power supply and utility bills. Depending on your strategy, DERs can even support your decarbonization goals.


In effect, you can modernize your infrastructure and check off other strategic and operational priorities at the same time.

Innovative Resources to Support Your Priorities

When you partner with ESG, you can do it all while minimizing or avoiding up-front hits to your capital budget or needing to request additional funding.


Partnering to Create Fail-Safe

and Sustainable Solutions

There’s no quick fix to solve all your energy and infrastructure challenges. But DERs come close—provided they are tailored to your unique situation.

As passionate advocates for your goals, our energy engineers and renewable energy consultants will invest time in understanding your current challenges and long-term needs. Your entire enterprise will be evaluated for opportunities to improve energy and cost efficiencies.

Put the Power of DERs to Work for You

On their own, DERs can deliver significant benefits to your organization. Brought together in a holistic system, the advantages to your installation, campus, or facility are amplified.


Enhance Production and Performance

Augment or replace purchased energy to lower demand charges and reduce utility costs.


Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate decarbonization with DERs powered by CHP or renewable energy sources.


Improve Your Energy Posture

Safeguard mission-critical systems and processes against service interruptions or prolonged outages with off-grid power generation.


Increase Energy and Operational Efficiency

Replace aging, inefficient, and overloaded infrastructure with state-of-the-art systems that will reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Together, we’ll design solutions that are responsive to your mission and environment. You’ll have a partner that manages and takes full accountability for every step of the process, from consulting and design through construction and commissioning.

We can even assist with operations and maintenance, ownership strategies, and financing. You’ll have one contract and one point of contact, eliminating the heavy lift on your end.


Every solution will be sourced from a broad array of proven, best-in-class technologies and strategies. Because we are vendor-neutral and equipment-agnostic, we are not tied to using specific equipment or manufacturers. You can have confidence your system is built to your needs and not a hidden quota.

(Left) David Base, Energy Systems Group; Lt. Cmdr. Jamie Rivas, Public Works Officer, MCLB Barstow; Steven Smith, vice president, ESG; and David Koch ESG; join Col. Craig Clemans, commanding officer, MCLBB; as he officially opens a ten acre solar farm aboard the Yermo Annex of Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow, Calif., Oct. 22.
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