Energy Consulting

Helping You Meet Your Energy Management Goals

When it comes to energy use and performance, how many resources do you have to put toward tracking, measuring, and reporting?

The Answer? Likely not a lot.

That’s where ESG’s energy consulting services come in.


When you’re looking for ongoing facility information, our energy conservation consultants help keep you in line. You’ll receive expert guidance to continuously improve energy efficiency, increase energy security, reduce energy costs, and curb long-term maintenance and repair expenses.

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What Is Energy Consulting?

Energy consulting is an energy analysis service that helps you stay on target with your renewable energy goals.


ESG’s energy consultants analyze utility bills, perform audits, track measurements, and make recommendations so you can:


  • Reduce energy and water consumption
  • Reduce utility bills
  • Increase renewable energy production
  • Improve energy resiliency
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Meet corporate energy goals


When you partner with ESG, you benefit from full-service, turnkey support, including financing alternatives and operations and maintenance services. Don’t need the whole package? No problem. We’ll partner with you on stand-alone engagements, such as assessing a problem area or helping you understand and clear obstacles to your energy goals.

Why You Should use an Energy consultant

Gain the insights and resources you need to identify, prioritize, and implement key cost-saving strategies.


Optimize Your Energy Procurement Strategies

Receive guidance on alternate utility rates or providers to secure a better rate and advice on applicable utility rebates and incentives.


Prioritize Needs with an Energy Systems Analysis

Identify and prioritize energy conservation, capital improvements, and operational changes based on a thorough evaluation of your mechanical, electrical, and process equipment and systems.


Improve Operations with Real-Time Feedback

Take advantage of continuous monitoring of building automation systems to identify inefficiencies in real time.


Acquire Turnkey Construction Support

Implement corrective measures or new initiatives with expert engineering and construction support.

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Focused on Your Energy Usage

Our highly qualified specialists offer decades of experience providing sustainability consulting services to K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, and federal agencies, including U.S. Department of Defense installations.

We take into account all possible energy sources, including green energy and solar energy solutions.

We take into account all possible energy sources, including

green energy and solar energy solutions.

  • Make recommendations around cost reductions and energy surety
  • Assess and identify funding sources
  • Help you implement actionable measures

K-12 Schools

Marlboro Central School District

Federal Government

NASA Glenn Research Center

K-12 Schools

Vilonia School District

State & Local Government

Warrick County Courthouse

We know budgets are tight.

Our clients often face a lack of funding to adequately operate, maintain, repair, and replace equipment, systems, and buildings.

Our commercial energy consultants can monitor the energy consumption of your organization and make recommendations to increase energy efficiency, thereby boosting your bottom line.

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Get Your Energy Costs in Line

Spend fewer dollars on your utility bills so you can allocate more resources to the priorities that matter. Contact us to discuss how ESG’s energy consultants can help you optimize energy use so you can reduce your costs.