Return Your Equipment to Peak Efficiency

When it comes to how your equipment and systems function, the power is in your hands.

It’s critical for your buildings to be energy efficient and run at peak performance. But when buildings age or their use has changed, equipment optimization may suffer. ESG can help you ensure your facilities return to prime condition with retrocommissioning.

Benefits of Retrocomissioning

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Energy Efficient


Cost Savings

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Energy Conservation

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What Is Retrocommissioning?

Retrocommissioning is a strategy to get your equipment and systems back in shape and operating as intended. Equipment and control systems get tired out, just like we do. When you bring them back to their original functional expectations, you get improved efficiency across the board.


With retrocommissioning, ESG performs an assessment of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The end goal? To improve the control of the systems for enhanced energy performance and functionality. This improvement typically includes upgraded control strategies and improving your building automation system (BAS).


We’ll identify inefficient performance in your existing equipment, then make any needed repairs or upgrades to save energy and lower costs.

Set Your Building Upgrade in Motion

When you’re looking to embark on energy efficient optimization, you need a partner you can trust to help you navigate the best way forward.


You can rely on ESG to provide expert guidance.

Together, we’ll help you reduce your operating costs through energy savings and improved equipment performance.

Retrocommissioning is a standard part of our process when examining your HVAC system. After performing an energy analysis, we’ll catalog any issues we find and work alongside your team to design solutions. Because we are equipment-agnostic, the hardware and software upgrades proposed by our building performance experts will support your needs, not a specific brand name.

Give Your Systems a Refresh

Rather than replacing equipment, you can partner with ESG to extend the life of your existing systems. Better yet, retrocommissioning can deliver additional benefits that reduce your total cost of ownership.


Reduce Energy Consumption

Achieve your energy reduction goals by bringing outdated systems up to today’s standards.


Lower Operating Costs

Realize cost savings by modernizing operating systems to run as efficiently as possible.


Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Repair and upgrade existing equipment to extend its life and return it to its original intent.

You can use the savings to fund controls and system upgrades or other priorities that are critical to your mission.

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Ready to Get Started?


Don’t let your equipment underperformance hold you back any longer. Partner with a team that will help you return your systems to peak performance. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on equipment optimizations that reduce energy consumption and modernize your building systems and technologies.