Reinforce Energy Surety with Customized Microgrid Strategies

Protect your mission and revenue against poor power quality and prolonged grid outages.

Some operations are just too important to leave to chance. We’ll partner with you to develop ironclad microgrid solutions that keep the power on and operations running in facilities deemed critical to your mission.

Benefits of Microgrids

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Lower Utility Bills


Guaranteed Savings

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Energy Surety

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Fort Bliss

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What Is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a miniature “smart” version of the central utility grid. Like the central utility grid, microgrids bring together interconnected loads and distributed energy resources to support the facilities connected to it. But when there’s a disruption to the central grid, microgrids can automatically disconnect and operate as their own independent “islands.”


Flexibility and reliability are essential to microgrid development. You need to have confidence your power supply will be there when you need it most. That’s why federal agencies, Department of Defense installations, healthcare organizations, and other clients have trusted ESG to develop, install, and operate and maintain their microgrids since 1994.

Protect your power supply from severe weather events, capacity constraints, and other sources of disruption.

Ensure long-term energy surety by partnering with

a firm that invests in you.

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Microgrid Solutions

Optimized to Your Goals

Your operations will be protected by a microgrid that can pull its weight precisely because it is designed and built to support you.

As a turnkey solutions provider, we deliver end-to-end service, from analysis, development, and design to implementation, operations and maintenance, and financing. You’ll work with a team that takes the time to listen to your needs and challenges.

Building Envelope Benefits

Through energy savings performance contracts, utility energy services contracts, enhanced use leases, and other contracting strategies, we can help you remove financial obstacles to energy surety. By using projected savings from energy upgrades and infrastructure improvements, you can invest in microgrid solutions while minimizing or avoiding up-front costs to your capital budget.


Improve Energy Security

Maintain critical functions and services during prolonged outages with superior power islanding capabilities.


Reduce Energy Costs

Offset purchased electricity during times of peak demand to reduce utility costs.


Support Decarbonization Goals

Incorporate renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet other environmental targets.

Together, we’ll develop solutions that address both your immediate and long-term interests. Because we are vendor-neutral and equipment-agnostic, your project will have access to a broad array of best-in-class solutions. Every recommendation we make is tailored to your needs rather than a brand name.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ensure Power Availability on Your Terms


Don’t leave your mission and operations vulnerable to energy disruption. Secure your energy supply with holistic, innovative solutions that will keep you powered up when everything else goes dark. Take the first step to harden your systems against disruption by contacting us today.