Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Improve Your Indoor Environmental Quality for a Healthier and More Productive Environment


Indoor environmental quality
directly affects how people feel,
work, and learn every day.

With health codes and technologies constantly evolving, determining the best long-term strategy for improving indoor environmental quality can be challenging. Breathe easier with ESG at your side. We’ll partner with you to implement future-forward solutions that favorably impact the indoor environment to improve the health, productivity, and well-being of your building occupants.


Benefits of Indoor Environmental Quality

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

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What Is Indoor Environmental Quality?

Indoor environmental quality refers to the conditions inside a building—what we breathe, see, hear, and feel—and how they affect occupants. It includes indoor air quality solutions, but also encompasses other aspects of the indoor environment. Everything from the design of your mechanical and lighting systems to the state of your building envelope can affect indoor environmental quality.


Whether you need to meet indoor air quality standards, want to improve occupant satisfaction, or are looking to modernize your infrastructure, ESG can help. We can even partner with you to package indoor environmental quality solutions with energy-efficiency improvements to get more from your capital budget.

The Best Way to Improve Your Indoor Environment

Boost occupant health and comfort with improved indoor air quality, lighting, mechanical, and related solutions that seamlessly integrate data with strategy.

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Upgrade your indoor environmental quality with an action plan tailored

to your goals.

Your indoor environmental quality can be a marketable opportunity—if you partner with a team that designs solutions to your objectives.

We take time to understand what you want and need to achieve in your indoor environment. Together, we’ll develop a plan that addresses your goals with practical and achievable solutions. As a turnkey energy services company, we can assist with everything from refurbishing or replacing your HVAC equipment to improving light levels and glare to controlling noise. We don’t manufacture or profit from selling equipment, so you can trust you’re receiving an unbiased perspective


On the Path to Cleaner Indoor Air

Indoor environmental quality is dependent on many factors, which is why we do not design solutions in a vacuum. You’ll work with a team that applies a holistic and comprehensive approach to project development and execution. Every recommendation we make accounts for full lifecycle costs so that we can deliver value that extends well beyond healthier air or better lighting.


Improve Indoor Air Quality

Maintain optimal ventilation levels and reduce pollutants that affect indoor air quality to keep your building’s occupants safe and healthy.


Upgrade Interior Lighting

Enhance lighting levels and save on energy costs with lighting strategies that incorporate energy efficient technologies.


Boost Occupant Comfort

Enhance occupant satisfaction and productivity with improvements to temperature, lighting, acoustics, and more


Lower Your Energy Bills

Curb your operating and utility costs with a maintenance plan that optimizes efficiency.

There’s no debate that upgrading or improving your infrastructure can deliver big benefits to your building occupants and your bottom line.

It’s also no secret that limited resources can get in the way.

We’ll help you navigate funding sources, explore contracting strategies, and even look at ongoing operations and maintenance services to bridge the gap. Whether you want to achieve code compliance, bolster occupant health and satisfaction, or find a way to pay for it all, we’ll figure it out, together.

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Breathe Freely with an Indoor Environmental Quality Plan That’s Achievable


Do more with capital improvements that actually create value for your organization. ESG can help you define your goals and design a plan that is achievable precisely because our solutions are practical, proven, and viable. Contact us to get started designing your action plan today.