Resiliency Solutions

Step Up Your Power Resiliency

Your power needs are unique to your organization.

Your energy security and power quality solutions should be, too.

Safeguard Your Operations with Resilient Energy Systems

Improve mission assurance, confidence in your operations, and bottom-line returns by fortifying your energy infrastructure with power resiliency solutions from ESG. We can help you keep your mission running by ensuring your operations are backed by an uninterrupted power supply generated by alternative energy sources.


Minimize Business Disruption

Avoid costly downtime and maintain critical operations through power solutions like CHP and microgrids that keep you up and running.


Enhance Grid Independence

Gain freedom from utility disruptions and control over your own reliable power supply with onsite generation and storage.


Future-Proof Operations

Get ahead of deepening climate and grid instability through smart infrastructure and proactive energy strategies.

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What Is Resiliency?

Utility grid reliability is being tested by weather events, infrastructure failure and cyber threats. Resulting power disruptions cause substantial losses and interrupted operations.


Resiliency means maintaining continuity during these challenges through reliable, redundant systems like microgrids, onsite generation, and energy storage. This allows assets to stay online when the grid fails.


Investing in resilient energy infrastructure prepares organizations for the unexpected, minimizing downtime risks. ESG partners to assess vulnerabilities and engineer customized systems tailored to maintaining critical functions through outages. Our experts deliver solutions that safeguard productivity and assets.

When you partner with ESG, you’ll work with a team that is passionate about designing and delivering customized, fail-safe solutions. We’ll work with you to define your power reliability goals, budgetary needs, and measures of success.

The Power Reliability You Need When You Need It

Before beginning the design process, we’ll assess your operations from end to end to identify potential and actual gaps to reliability and power quality. In addition, we’ll work with your local utility to ensure all solutions comply with your provider’s energy interconnect requirements. Because we take a holistic approach to energy infrastructure, we’ll also uncover opportunities to reduce energy costs, decarbonize your operations, and even generate new revenue. Our expertise in cybersecurity results in cyber-compliant systems that streamline the risk management framework process and lead to timely authorizations to operate.


As a vendor-agnostic partner, our energy experts are free to recommend the best, most cost-effective products for your needs. You’ll have a full understanding of all available options so that together, we can design the solutions that make the most sense to your operations and budget.

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We're Here For You

You’ll have support with navigating the right contracting strategy for your organization, including energy savings performance contracts and utility energy savings contracts.

Our Resiliency Solutions

Keep Your Operations Running

CombinedHeatPower_Solutions (18)

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Expand off-grid capabilities and cost-saving opportunities by generating on-site power with CHP.


Distributed EnergySources_Solutions (24)

Distributed Energy Resources

Generate electricity at the point of use for more control over your power supply and utility bills.


EnergyStorage_Solutions (21)

Energy Storage

Cut costs and bolster resilience through integrated battery solutions that optimize power capture and dispatch.

Microgrid_Solutions (17)


Improve energy assurance and reduce your utility costs with ironclad microgrid and power islanding solutions.

PowerQuality_Solutions (19)

Power Quality

Filter out disruptions with power conditioning solutions that deliver continuous, predictable service.

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Reinforce Your Operations with Power Reliability Solutions


Don’t leave your operations and your mission to chance. Contact us today to discuss your energy surety needs and how we can design effective, future-forward solutions together.